What's the Buzz All About?

Check out our honey bee centre in the heart of Queenstown for all of your bee and honey needs!

Experience all things honey in our Honey Bee Centre

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Peer through our transparent bee hive and witness honey bees in real time build comb, feed brood, make honey, and much more. Also, taste and explore the different flavors, grades, and combinations of quality New Zealand honey!


Products we carry:

- Premium grade New Zealand mānuka honey from the UMF 5+ to the UMF 28+ range, as well as varieties of local and NZ honey, such as rata, thyme, kamahi, clover etc.​

- Bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly.

- Skincare products containing mānuka honey and mānuka oils, including moisturizers, lip care, hand creme, etc. 


- Leptospernum (mānuka) essential oils. 

- Beeswax wraps, crafts, bee books, and candles.

- Mānuka tea bag, chocolates, and other sweet treats!