Bird's eye news Dec/Jan 2022

Lively Buzz

We have seen more visitors come through the park since Christmas and have really felt the festive buzz! Temporarily moving into our summer timetable means there are more opportunities for our visitors to catch a Kiwi Encounter, Conservation Show and attend a Honey Tasting. Everyone has been prepped and ready for all measures under the traffic light system which has been greatly appreciated by our staff. The team would just like to wish you all a Happy New Year as we fly into 2022!


Im-Peck-Able Results!

What a season we have had. The total results are in...

Blue Duck/Whio - 10 ducklings and 2 eggs in our incubator

Brown Teal/Pateke - 9 ducklings, come and see 4 of them!

South Island Kaka - 2 chicks with 1 unhatched egg due soon

Kiwi - Both of our breeding pairs are currently on 1 egg each

All of these youngsters will be released into the wild - Ka pai!


Wild Wings

We have just released five Paradise Shelduck juveniles into the park. They were brought in as orphaned ducklings by members of the public. We then raised them and they are now out on our ponds so come and pay them a visit before they decide to spread their wings. Earlier on in the month we also received an injured tui from VetEnt in Frankton. This wee one was suffering from a suspected concussion, but with some much needed rest, improved significantly and was also released into the park!


Repashy NZ

We often purchase Repashy's reptile food for our geckos. When we last put in an order, Repashy were keen for us to trial their new product - Grub Pie! Just to clarify... this wasn't for the staff to try and taste, it was kindly sent to us so we could feed our tuatara. Our juveniles are housed indoors, so we must make sure that their diet is as varied as possible. The keepers often collect wild invertebrates from around the park and insects are also bred here on site too. All tuatara loved their new pie so a big thanks Repashy!

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