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If you saw our newsletter last month, you would have read that the kiwi house build has begun! It is our biggest ever project. The build is due to be complete at the end of May so that we can relocate our kiwi before breeding season begins.

All of this valuable work and all of our conservation efforts are funded by admission, souvenir sales and donations. It would not be possible without the support of our local community and generous contributors.

Conservation is our passion at the park. We release all of our kiwi into the wild contributing to a national programme aimed at ensuring our national symbol survives for future generations. Kiwi are bred at the Park and cared for until they are 1 kg in weight – big enough to fend off the predators that kill them as hatch-lings. In uncontrolled areas, only 5% of kiwi survive to adulthood; with our managed conservation approach, 65% survive in the wild and this figure is higher again in controlled areas. All of our kiwi are released into predator-controlled areas.


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We are a family run park. By visiting the park you are supporting the conservation work we do, thank you.

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