October + November Updates

Whio Take Flight

It’s our favourite time of the year at the Kiwi Birdlife Park. Chicks are hatching, trees are blooming and the temperatures are warming up. Breeding season is well underway and we’ve just sent our first clutch of chicks to the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust in Christchurch. The chicks will be looked after by the team there until they are ready to be released into the wild. Whio are part of our breed to release species and we are proud to be able to breed healthy chicks each season. Stay in tune for more details on their release date!


Local Exhibition Takes The Cake

We had a great turn out at the art exhibition with Ira Mitchell. Sponsored by Baxter Design, artists from all over NZ supplied artwork for display and purchase that was up on display for the first week of October.

Inspired by our flora and fauna of the park, local students Jess Staples and Sam Staples drew, painted and took photos of the native species and the surrounding landscapes in Queesntown for their artwork. Ira Mitchell hosted art classes throughout the week for kids to come along and learn painting skills during the day. A massive thank you to Ira Mitchell, Baxter Design, and the local artists who took part in the exhibition in early October and for their support!


The Bees Are Back

After a winter holiday, our beehive is back in action! During the winter the bees needed to be moved to a warmer location and transparent hives just don’t cut it at those chillier temperatures! We moved the hive near the entrance of the park so it’s easier to spot. Pop in one day to have a look how it grows and evolves in the coming months- it’s truly awesome! And try some honey while you’re here!


KBP Joins Kiwi Welcome

A Kiwi Welcome membership is more than just great discounts and a community kick-back. It's a vote for a more sustainable, regenerative future for tourism in Aotearoa.

A six month membership for $79. Your membership gives you access to a range of special offers and exclusive discounts across accommodation, car hire, food and drink, activities and more. 100% of Kiwi Welcome profits go straight back into the Queenstown-Lakes and Central Otago community, having a positive impact on the land and the local people long after visitors return home..

Now is the perfect time to explore your backyard and protect it at the same time. Together, our small actions will create big change and help preserve Aotearoa for generations to come.

Read more about this awesome initiative with other businesses that are taking part in it and sign up out at

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