Our Kiwi Need a New Home

Our neighbours Skyline, are about to embark on an exciting new project to build a multi-storey car-park to accommodate the huge tourism boom that Queenstown is facing. This will benefit the town for years to come but, unfortunately the construction phase is going to disrupt our kiwi in their current location.

For this reason, we have begun the plans for a brand new kiwi house. The new home will offer many exciting, new resources for our visitors, our staff and of course our kiwi.

Outside covered area

Just outside the house, we will be building a new covered area with screens and informational posters. The hope is the area can be used for day-to-day guests or for school groups and educational talks.

Kiwi Birdlife Park New Kiwi House Cross Section

Nocturnal House

Being nocturnal birds, we keep our kiwi in specially designed nocturnal houses. The houses have special lighting allowing plants to grow, giving the kiwi a natural surrounding. We turn their lights on at night meaning they will follow the same sleep patterns as us and be up and awake during visiting hours.

We couldn't do this alone!

Our park is entirely funded by ticket & gift shop sales as well as your kind donations so a big project like this is something we really could not do without you. We have been fortunate to receive support from many businesses associated with our construction projects in the past and have again reached out to them to help us offset costs of the new kiwi house.

If you think you could offer us any support, please contact manager@kiwibird.co.nz.

New Kiwi House annotated plans

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