Stay well this winter on the slopes or on the go with the popular Propolis and UMF 15+ Mānuka Honey Lozenge Combo. Portable and perfect on the go, both are a great addition to protecting against the cold and flu seasons fast approaching. 


Mānuka South Propolis Spray is a beautifully crafted all natural product meant to soothe and protect the delicate throat tissue.

The addition of UMF 15+ Mānuka honey helps to combat bugs in the throat making it a must-have travel companion. Our propolis throat spray can also be used to soothe painful sore throats that accompany seasonal colds and flu.


The most popular lozenge, Mānuka South Lemon Honey Mānuka Drops are packed with premium Mānuka honey, natural lemon oil, propolis, Echinacea and a soothing mild menthol.

Perfect for anyone who needs to refresh or has a nagging cough. Our addition of mild menthol strikes the perfect balance between nourishing honey lemon and soothing mint.


Mānuka South Menthol Mānuka Drops are a pleasantly tasting everyday lozenge with the added bonus of zinc, menthol, and propolis.

This is a stronger version of the wildly popular Mānuka South Lemon Honey Mānuka Drops, with added menthol to help clear and soothe irritated or blocked airways.

Winter Wellness Bundle

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