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The conservation show takes place under shelter meaning rain, sun or snow... it WILL go on!


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Have you ever thought about what a kiwi eats for breakfast? Or wondered why they are the only bird in the world with nostrils at the tip of their beak? Relax and let our team of passionate keepers amaze you with astonishing facts about these weird and wonderful birds. Our specially designed nocturnal houses will provide you with the best kiwi viewing in the country.


Into the Night

Enter the dark and mysterious world of the kiwi – New Zealand’s elusive bird of the night. Kiwi are generally inactive during daylight hours preferring to sleep underground in their burrows. They come alive between sunset and sunrise.

Kiwi Birdlife Park’s Kiwi Houses reverse the clock so park visitors can see, by day, these amazing birds in a naturalistic night-time setting. Specialised lighting effects and infra-red cameras allow our kiwi to feel right at home while you observe them busily foraging, grooming and going about their nightly business.


20-25 mins



Here you’ll meet the Stars of our Park. It’s New Zealand wildlife in extreme close-up. Be amazed by the size, colour and intelligence of our native birds. And thrilled to get so close to them as they fly free in our outdoor theater. Presented by the Park’s team of skilled and passionate animal keepers this entertaining show will have you laughing, learning and discovering just how special our native wildlife really is. A unique and memorable event that is sure to be the highlight of your Kiwi Birdlife Park experience.


Full of Facination 
Our show is packed full of live animals, amazing facts and a quite a few surprises. Watch the clever kakariki teach us all an important lesson. Duck for cover as our massive New Zealand Pigeon swoops by. Look into the prehistoric eye of a Tuatara. And see if you can spot the “bad guys”. Those illegal immigrants, the mammals, may be lurking about somewhere.


30 mins


The Wilson family has been involved in caring for our native New Zealand Birdlife for generations, so who better to tell you what an important role the Park plays in ensuring the future of our unique wildlife?


Specially recorded individual commentary players mean you can hear all about the family’s work from the people at the heart of the operation since 1986. Your personally controlled audio player allows you to roam around the Park at your own pace.


Beautifully produced, educational and fun! 

Available in English, German, French, Chinese & Japanese. 


90 minutes

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We are a family run park. By visiting the park you are supporting the conservation work we do, thank you.

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